About Me


I am a dynamic, intuitive Facilitator/Mentor/Healer. My academic background is a Linguist/Teacher, and I have also been a professional Jazz vocalist for most of my adult life.

My eclectic life choices (Vocalist, linguist, translator, cabaret artiste, and traveller) have given me an opportunity to share my life skills and knowledge with others who have had experiences that they cannot usually explain in a rational way.

Whether I facilitate a Confidence/Self Esteem workshop for adults; a Crystal workshop for younger children; or a Voice Coaching Session for Corporate clients, the process of “healing” or “rebalancing ” is taking place.

I believe that working with you should be fun, challenging, enlightening, and ultimately positive.

To this end, I use creative exercises/activities, mindfulness techniques, and thought provoking attitudes to gently help you to question a “blocked” mind-set, that may stop you from moving forward in your life.


I understand that each person’s circumstances are unique, and that no two people will respond to me in the same way.

Working with you is a privilege, an adventure. and together, we always achieve a positive outcome, that changes your life forever!.

My main aims are:

  • To help you to be the best that you can be.
  • And to empower you to make confident, balanced, decisions at all times.

This is so that you can live your life in a truly fearless, authentic, way.

Ready for the big change? Call +447447458167 or email info@anamsound.org for the start of a new you.