Lunar Eclipse November 28th 2012

I’ve been feeling the effects of this quite amazing lunar eclipse, (also known as a minor lunar eclipse) and feel inspired to write about an event that most people are not fully conscious of.

In astronomical terms, a lunar eclipse is when the moon passes directly behind the earth into it’s umbra (shadow). It can only occur when the sun, earth, and moon are exactly aligned with the earth in the middle. This means that it can only happen on a full moon, as this is when the sun and the moon are opposite each other. The lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours, and can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the earth.

From an astrological perspective, the lunar eclipse has a different symbolic meaning according to the zodiacal signs (astronomical constellation in the night sky) that the sun and moon inhabit during the event. For example, the recent lunar eclipse occurred on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis meaning that the Sun is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is Gemini, and is therefore Full or opposing the Sun.

For those who are unfamiliar with astrological terms, there are twelve houses or stages of life experience in astrology.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the western astrological zodiac. It’s element is fire, it rules the ninth house of personal, mental – emotional and spiritual experience, and is concerned with higher knowledge; travel; advanced spiritual education; maturity; joy. The sign ruler is Jupiter and the sun moves through this part of the sky between Novemnber 22nd and December 21st each year.

Gemini is the third sign of the western zodiac. It’s element is air, it rules the third house of personal, mental – emotional, spiritual experience, and is concerned with learning new things; inexperience; communication; languages, the intellect; travelling; versatility; quick thinking; fun. The sign ruler is Mercury, and the sun moves through this part of the sky usually between May 21st and June 21st each year,

If you visualise the twelve houses as a circle consisting of 360 degrees divided into twelve equal portions of thirty degrees each, then you begin to see the image of the zodiacal wheel. Sagittarius’ portion is between 240 degrees and 270 degrees, while Gemini’s section is between 60 degrees and 90 degrees of the astrological circle.

In this astrological wheel, Gemini’s third house thirty degree portion is positioned directly opposite, Sagittarius’ ninth house section. This creates what is known in astrological terms as an “opposition” (other examples would be Aries – Libra; Taurus -Scorpio, Cancer – Capricorn, Leo – Aquarius; Virgo – Pisces). The term “opposition ” is not a negative expression of the word, rather it is to show that the two signs can work together in a complementary way and balance each other out, or they can work against each other resulting in a stalemate! This idea can filter down to our own relationship with ourselves, and the task of trying to reconcile any perceived imbalances in our character through increased awarenesss.

The recent lunar eclipse is a time to revisit our basic thoughts and ideas about our spirituality, our non material life; that which cannot be quantified by our logical, physical world, and how we can integrate these concepts into our everyday world to create more satisfying interpersonal relating. I liken the influence of Sagittarius to that of a kindly grandfather, or Mentor, who can help us to move our normal understanding of the spirit to a higher level. In educational terms, it’s like attending university as a post graduate.

The Gemini influence can be likened to a young teenager, who has been let loose on the world, to discover how his/her own thoughts and emotional processes affect his/her self, and the surrounding world through the intellect. There is a sense of lightness of being, an irreverence to authority and established order. A greater emphasis on learning things lightly for their own sake, and transmitting the knowledge to all that they meet casually. In educational terms, Gemini is like the student who starts off in junior high school, and graduates to senior high school!

This Sagittarius – Gemini blend is a reminder that we as humans have all the innate knowledge we need, and that this is a time for us to use our intellect and life experience in a more serious way, without losing our natural “joie de vivre”, as we move towards greater spiritual and intellectual understanding of ourselves as spirit beings in this incredible, transitional time.

On an energetic level, if we are aware of the the phases and cycles of the moon and how our emotions are affected by the physical moon in the sky, we can alter our behaviour and make decisions based on a clear rational, emotional viewpoint. This awareness can also help us to understand other people’s responses to our actions; as we change our actions, people change their responses to us. If we have been conditioned by life to perceive things in a particular way, we will achieve certain responses. If our perspective of the responses alter, because a new set of values, or knowledge has been learned, there is a greater chance of successfully enhancing our personal and professional relationships. This leads to self empowerment and greater emotional contentment.

The Mooncycles series of workshops offered by AnamSound are an ideal opportunity to increase your personal awareness of your internal emotional responses and how you can consciously improve your relationship with yourself and others. The sessions are light hearted, informative, and ultimately encourage you to question your own experience or inexperience of working with lunar energy.

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