Discovering your soul path and true soul purpose begins with you being aware of things other than your own self, and life expectations.

It is reaching out through a glass darkly, and seeing what must be done.

Know that personal discovery is but one step on a path, which will prove challenging, confusing, and may bring despair.

Allow the soft influence of the Divine to permeate your thoughts and actions at all times.

Let your heart and spirit roam free on a spiritual adventure, as you begin to understand through experiences, good or otherwise that you do have a designated road to travel with many routes and lanes that you are free to take.

Look not for your soul meaning in external ideas of happiness, or fleeting views of “relationships”.

Instead, focus on the wonderful, rich, journey that begins in your heart.

The moment that you are aware that there is no rush, nor need for any expectation everything changes.

Only the free will intention to love yourself and all sentient beings regardless of an expected outcome, will allow you to hear the Divine call to arms.

Listen to the constant, steady beat of your heart.

Let your mind know that you honour it’s input into your life, and reclaim a happy, healthy, balanced, ego!

Allow the thoughts and feelings of who you are, and what you long to do for yourself and others to gently unfold, like a rare piece of beautiful silk.

See it’s unique weaving pattern, as you touch it’s very preciousness.

Savour the smoothness of it’s silken nature, and relax into the bliss of deep, jewelled, colours.

Then, when you have had your fill, gently place your longings into a tissue lined drawer, and let the beauty of your true soul path and soul purpose be revealed to you in a most, delicate, subtle, timely way.

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