Love find it’s own way, as it meanders here and there…

It’s energy changes as life experiences ebb and flow, and the river of time sets a permanent course.

Love washes all worries away, and renews one’s faith in the human condition.

The sense of calmness, kindness, and the unconditional allows each sentient being to be nourished in a cocoon of certainty.

When expressed in a natural state of non dependence and balanced ego, Love frees you to become a mighty, fearless lion; a soaring eagle; a humble rabbit; a protective she-bear.

Love’s journey is to open the heart to all that is truly possible.
It shelters, excites, ignites, and surely gives Courage where there has been fear; Hope where there has been loss; and Peace where there has been chaos.
Love is kind. Love is cool; Love really is!

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