Fear is seductive. Terror is a thief!

Trauma is the consequence of absorbing these two into your life, because of past/current, challenging experiences.

Although emotionally distressing, Fear, Terror, and Trauma can be great teachers, if you let them.

Once you have experienced; recalled; processed; and released these delusions from your heart and mind; you will be FREE.

You will gain everlasting peace, and a greater understanding of how the “Why me?” effect that has been draining you of heart soul, and mind energy.




Fear will test your courage, patience, and determination; Terror will wrestle with you, like the biblical Jacob with the angel, until you find the strength and energy to remove it from your mind once and for all.

Finally, there will be a moment of clarity, when you will “know”, “feel”, and “understand” in the depths of your heart that these three; Fear; Terror; and Trauma are parasitical illusions created by your mind, and felt deeply by your heart.

You will begin to accept that LOVE – of the Self and others is all that you have ever wanted or needed.



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