Happy New Year! Year of the Wood Goat


The fast flowing, fiery energies of the Yang Wood Horse will end on February 18th 2015, making way for the arrival of the more peaceful, occasionally unsettling energy of the Yin Wood Goat Year.


The Chinese new year of the Yin Wood Goat begins on February 19th 2015 and ends on February 7th 2016, making this a shorter year than usual.

This is because this year, on February 19th the new Tiger moon is on the last day of the Tiger month, and the Chinese new year always begins on the new Tiger moon in the Tiger month.

Although the energy is still fiery, it is expressed in a slower, less contentious way leaving the way open to more conciliatory behaviour from groups who were previously at loggerheads.

There is more chance of a peaceful outcome in situations such as religious wars and attacks on the general public; also personal and public differences being handled in a more diplomatic way.

The Wood Goat year also brings stability to the Arts, and anything to do with creativity. For example there may be more funding to encourage music, dance, artistic expression in general.

As the Wood Goat year progresses, the money markets may prosper, but then suddenly take a nosedive before returning to it’s original, state.

There is an overall “hippyish” feeling of peace, prosperity, and an emphasis on how we can contribute to the world’s economy using the concept of “Sharing” or exchanging our skills with others, so that all sectors of society profit.

It’s interesting to note that the original “Summer of Love” when the hippy concept briefly flowered was in 1967, during the darkest hour of the Vietnam War – the Year of the Fire Goat!

What does this mean for you?

  • Be prepared to slow down, and think more deeply about how your actions will impact on yourself and others?
  • Continue to stand up for what you believe to be right, but sweeten the pill with a kind word/smile.
  • Put family, and your close relationships first, and be as tolerant as you can!
  • Extend any creative ideas that you may have started in the year of the Horse, to truly connect with your own creativity, not matter how crazy they may seem.
  • Got a book to write, or want to visit a place on your wish list? Make it happen!
  • If you are thinking of getting married, or having children, this is a good year to start; the serenity of this year will see you through any troubles in the years ahead.

Want to learn more about how the Goat year affects your Chinese sign? Check out my “Talks 2015″ page if you’re in London UK for more details.

May all your all your challenges turn to successes; may you always be happy; may you always be well!

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