Retreat 2017

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 “Rest when you’re weary.

Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind.

Then get back to work”

(Ralph Marston, Founder of The Daily Motivator website)



  • Moving back?
  • Withdrawal?
  • A quiet place to rest and relax?

 As a Retreat Facilitator, I resonate with the last description most. You’re probably aware that life can get busy, and that there are not enough hours in the day to get jobs done. You may even promise yourself that you will take time out, after you have completed your all important to-do list. But do you?




As I perceive it, a retreat is a specific phase of withdrawal from everyday life. It can be a deliberate step back from normality, or a situation forced on you by circumstance.

A Retreat is usually helpful when you have experienced illness, crisis or trauma. It is your mind/body’s way of giving you space to heal and rebalance; an essential part of your recovery. It also allows you to gather your strength, before returning to the business of living.      


WHY RETREAT? In your intense, largely externalised lifestyle, you may not notice that you are time poor. You are constantly on the go or “busy”. This increased stress creates a greater need to maintain psycho-emotional balance.

Think of instances in your life when the sheer pressure of having to meet impossible deadlines in your professional/social lives have caused you to STOP!


A lot of people keep going in a mistaken belief that they cannot change their routine. I worked with an ambitious, young, banker, who was encouraged to “take on”(prove himself) to more experienced colleagues.

He lost his voice, and I had to create a bespoke, voice coaching, programme to remind him how to communicate verbally! This particular client lived in fear that he would lose control, or worse his job.

It took a few months, but eventually he realised that he had to alter his mind-set, and rearrange his priorities. He did so by honouring his body and emotions on a mountain bike riding weekend.

He returned to work refreshed, and re-energised, ready to succeed.  

The crisis point is an opportunity for you to choose whether to continue on the same path, or to make life changes where possible? Attending a Retreat will certainly help you to come to a conclusion.





Withdrawing from your usual schedule means that you can slow down, and review your life plan, to see where positive change is needed.

In order to gain the greatest benefit from retreating, it is necessary to temporarily remove yourself from your comfort zone (normal routine), so that you gain a more objective view of your current situation.

A good place to start is somewhere peaceful and relaxing. This could be an isolated cottage in the Scottish Highlands, a monastery in Spain, or an exotic beach house in the South Pacific.

Whichever destination you choose should take you out of mundane living, but not be too far away from familiarity.



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“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body. Nourishment and Refreshment.” (William Penn – Founder of Pennsylvania USA)

 For some of you, Silence is the dreaded “S” word.

We are constantly bombarded by images and sound.

Our minds have to filter out what we cannot/do not wish to process.

If we do not adopt a relaxation practise ( i.e. yoga, meditation, running, fishing, etc.) to ease the filtration process, we experience “information overload”.

This may cause us to become desensitised and confused.  

Silence is a complete absence of audible sound, and is a way for us to calm “mind -chatter”. It also allows us to literally think.

It is a very important part of the withdrawal process. As William Penn says “nourishment and refreshment”.

In our fast paced world, silence is one of the most difficult states to achieve on our own. That is why leaving hectic familiarity for a less demanding place is an elixir for mind  and soul.    





I am a great advocate of retreating at least twice a year; more if time, energy and finances allow. You meet different people, learn new things, and are replenished on all levels.

It is so important to your wellbeing to invest in your development by giving yourself the time and space to grow organically.

These benefits positively affect all areas of your life and help you to become a better version of yourself.

For information on a unique Retreat that I am co-leading in May 2017, visit OR Facebook Soulclaritymovement. Please like our page.

Peace and Blessings