Year of the Red Yin Fire Rooster 2017

Fire Rooster




After the brutal twists and turns of the Yang Fire Monkey year we are still in extraverted, fiery energy, but it has now turned inward, and is much more controlled/thoughtful.

Cock a doodle doo! So begins the Yin Fire Rooster Year, 28th January 2017. – 15th February 2018.

A time of sparkling/serious, formal energy that is efficient, cautious and prudent.

It is a good year for consolidation, pondering, and putting strategies in place in a bid for success, before moving forward.

The Fire Rooster year augurs well for marriage, business, and conserving assets. It is a year when things will get done in a stylish, thoughtful, precise way.

If you have been patiently working on a venture, or are thinking about launching a new venture/project. This is a year to get it finished, and shown to key people. Your time to shine is now, but your pecuniary rewards come in the Dog and Pig years. 2018 and 2019 respectively.


Fire Rooster Characteristics:

The Fire Rooster is very capable at handling large projects, and makes an excellent Team Leader.

He/She is very strong willed, a natural leader, and a super organiser.

The Fire Rooster has the ability to reach the top, because of a hard- working, meticulous, methodical attitude to life.

The Fire Rooster is flamboyant, and most concerned about its appearance. They will spend hours perfecting their clothes, and hair.

Fire Rooster does not countenance shabbiness, and can be seen as vain by others.

Although good at multitasking, the Fire Rooster needs to overcome a tendency towards bossiness, being self – centred, and stubborn. If they can conquer an inclination towards shyness, and appearing reserved, the Fire Rooster will succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Their reliable, trustworthy, honest, caring, nature brings them great rewards, social status, oh and an innate ability to entertain.

Fire Rooster Year -2017:

2017 is a Yin Red or Fire Year. It is a year of what has been sown since the Wood Goat Year in 2015, will now come to fruition.

Each person must understand that this is a no nonsense year, when you have to rely on your own efforts and work things out for yourself. Whatever you decide to do will happen.

If you think that some fairy godmother is going to save you, then you are mistaken. There is very little room for cushioning, the Fire Rooster energy is un compromising, and exact.

One of the most important things to remember about the energy of 2017 is that you have to create your own luck, and look for opportunities that did not previously exist. This year is truly great for those who put themselves first, can work on their own or are entrepreneurial. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded in the Dog and Pig years. 2018 and 2019.

This year requires extra patience, attention to detail, and working harder than ever before. There will be no let – up in the pace of work/life.




2017 is a year of strife, rebellion, so more demonstrations, marches, people joining together to fight against in justice. You will hear the Cockerel crow relentlessly this year.

The economy will remain stable despite everything, because the Rooster is very good with money and finances. He knows how to make every penny count, as well as how to conserve resources.

There will be more emphasis on the redistribution of wealth on the planet to move towards a fairer system. Peer to peer systems will suit the independent Rooster energy.

People will have more discrimination about global affairs. Groups will form that campaign much more against things that threaten the Mother Earth.

In the second half of the year things will become a little calmer, and the peaceful side of the Rooster will allow governments, etc, to understand that people are not willing to accept the wool over their eyes, any longer.

Corporations and Governments must come clean, because the prevailing energy is not conducive to traditional displays of arrogance, and will invite disaster for transgressors.

In the arts, there will be a display of innovation in a traditional way. People will be reminded that the old and new can blend effortlessly to create something new and improved.

The Fire Rooster year has a lot of potential for construction, or destruction. Now, more than ever, people have a stark choice to follow a positive or a negative path. The choice truly is yours.



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