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Claudia van Buren t/a Anam Sound (afterwards known as “the company”) shall not be liable or affect any responsibility for any accident or damage or consequential loss to a client or a client’s representative howsoever caused.
Clients and their representatives must satisfy themselves that the chosen courses/classes/venues are suitable and appropriate to their abilities and particular needs.
Please note, booking forms to be completed. A confirmation email will be sent with payment instructions once your booking has been received. (Applicable to short courses, minimum four hours).
Cancellation of tuition requires the minimum of two working weeks notice, prior to the respective course by e-mail. Failure to do so will result in the entire course fee being wholly non refundable, and the full amount will be payable by the client or the client’s representative.
(ii) If the agreed amount of course hours is terminated before the end of the negotiated time period. Two working weeks notice by e-mail is still required, and the amount of the equivalent of 2 x the weekly course time remains payable by the client or the client’s representative.
(iii) If for reasons beyond our control, we are unable to fulfil the event contract, a request in writing by email is required, and the refund will be remitted within one month from the request for a refund.
Punctuality is important. No admittance to a class/course/workshop will be permitted if the client is more than 15 minutes late.
In the case of extensive 1:1 tuition the class will be abandoned if the client is more than 15 minutes late, and the class fee is still payable by the client or the client’s representative.
Exception is if prior notice is given. Discretion will be employed for genuine, unforeseen events.

Receipts/Invoices are available on request.