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AnamNews 2012/2013!

Welcome to AnamNews, Anamsound’s latest webletter!

2012 has been a real learning curve year, concerning how to use a website to promote our healing services.

Many thanks go to Ross O’Shea, who has made this site possible and totally gets the healing experience that Anamsound promotes as a matter of course.

The West country experienced pioneering Anamsound workshops in Sound and Crystals during the first half of the year, particularly Bath and South Wales, and we received very positive feedback from our satisfied clients! Will be good to return there in 2013.

In August, by popular request, the first Sacred Song Session using the energy of the Blue Moon was also very well received and a second Sacred Song Session is planned for the 30th November, 2012, so come and use your voice to send some good vocal vibes into the world, and refresh your  heart, mind, body and soul!

Moving on to the Festive Season. After the whirl of Christmas and the glut of turkey and mince pies. An alternative to watching yet another TV re run is taking time out of the maelstrom of being ‘Jolly’.

Why not consider some quality “Me” time and think about setting some new intentions to improve your life or change aspects of your life completely?

Setting Your Intentions on 28th December 2012. A few days before ushering in the New Year, we gather together in a Sound Circle to hum, chant, sing, or speak your powerful, positive, intentions, to herald your best, new life!

This is a powerful session and will help you to focus your mind on your aims, goals and desires for the magical year ahead.

February 2013, begins with a brand new Mooncycles Session on the 10th looking at the moon and how Moon phases can help to change our perception of our daily lives. Also how we can harness the energy to improve our personal and professional relationships.

Learn  how to identify moon phase personalities, and read a lunar chart to discover moon trends. This session is a great way to observe and gain an understanding of your internal moods and how they affect your life.

On March 3rd, the mood changes to the idea of Gratitude, or being thankful and appreciative. This short session touches on the thought that Gratitude is something that we can demonstrate on a regular basis, through thought, word and action. The more that we show our appreciation in life by being thankful, the more the universe showers our lives with grace and abundance.

With Spring approaching, April 7th is the time to come to our Urgent, Urban Retreat!

Can you imagine a few hours without any form of communication that involves speaking? So no phones, internet, or T.V!

Time for you to think and act slowly, so that your decisions can be made from a place of true peace. Communicating your hopes and dreams without using speech! And being totally refreshed and rejuvenated by BEING in the bliss of silence; a true present to yourself!

All these events can be found under Workshops. Bookings can be made on the Dates and Booking section.

With so much good energy being put out by Anamsound, it’s such a privilege and a pleasure to be part of this dynamic community.






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