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Anamsound “Soundinar” coming to you in 2013!…

I asked a very dear friend of mine, who is a wonderful lifecoach, and person! for some advice as to how to bring my work to a larger group of people? She replied immediately, that my most important feature is my voice and the fact that I am absorbed in Sound; meaning that my main way of communicating with the outside world is through using the voice, and/or using sound in different ways to balance energy in the human body.

I didn’t quite understand what she meant, until she explained that the ideal way for me to reach a larger set of people was to use my voice! Two frown lines appeared between my eyes as I tried to figure out how I could possibly achieve my goal.? Then I had my “lightbulb moment! Webinars, or more importantly, a “Soundinar!” Is that a neologism? I could create a new vocabulary yet!!

A Soundinar is my interpretation of an educative web session, whereby no images are used, only sounds of Tibetan bowls, bells, percussive instruments, and tuning forks are heard, and listeners can join in structured discussion about the effects that the sounds have on their physical and mental-emotional states. The listeners can then hear conversations between myself and others as a kind of running  commentary! They will also be invited to join the discussion at some point  I could also do healing over the net, after all, Sound travels through dry air at approximately one mile in five seconds!! Genius, and so much less taxing on the eyes?

So, I have consulted with my web maestro, and sometime, probably halfway through 2013, I’m going to set up a “Soundinar” on the net, so that I can give an international Sound Masterclass to people whom I will probably never see! Aww, I really do love the C21!


Watch this space for more updates….

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