How to Get Your Mojo Back!

How to Get Your Mojo Back!

This is a series of three experiential workshops, designed to get you to think about the two ideas of confidence and self- esteem. It focuses on discussion topics, relaxation techniques and role play.

Part I – For individuals who feel they have little or no confidence and/or self-esteem.

Its aim is to enhance your sense of self, and how you can use your unique abilities to increase harmony, in all your relationships by exchanging experiences in a supportive, non judgemental, environment. It asks questions such as:

  • What you believe confidence and self-esteem to be?
  • How you express these concepts in your personal and professional life?
  • Why confidence and self-esteem are important in your relationships?
  • How past experiences have perhaps affected your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Ways in which confidence and self-esteem can be generated. Are there special techniques?

Part II – For those who have a measure of confidence, but seek to enhance and reinforce their general confidence and self-esteem levels.

The second part of the Mojo series builds on two central ideas, Confidence and Self-esteem, and includes:

  • Discussion topics, relaxation techniques and role play.
  • Exploring how fear, trauma, and anger influence¬†our personal and professional lives in a negative/positive way.
  • Simple techniques that we can adopt to alleviate their negative connotations, and enhance our lives.

Part III – For people who have some insight into personal confidence and self-esteem, but who wish to extend these ideas to familial situations.

This third part of the Mojo series is designed to build upon the first two parts and focuses on Confidence and Self-esteem within the family – how to remain confident, within family situations. Topics covered include:

  • What is Family?
  • How we respond to our parents and siblings
  • Our place within the family hierarchy
  • How we perceive ourselves within the family unit (child and adult)
  • Why we have certain expectations of ourselves and family members
  • How we treat our own family/friends
  • Ways in which we can improve our relationships with family members

A course brochure (in pdf format) can be downloaded here.

Claudia’s work is amazing! She’s really plugged in and intuitive and just seems to know the right thing to say/do to get people’s own healing process started. I’ve been to her workshops and watched her work on individuals and seen how she helps them through the blocks and on to a more positive future. Really if you have the chance to experience what she does, you should go for it!


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