Moon Cycles

Moon Cycles

This is a series of three workshops that will give an understanding of the moon and how it affects us and our everday lives.

Part I – For all who are interested in gaining a basic understanding of the concept of the moon, its phases and how they can affect their daily lives.

This introductory workshop is designed to give you an initial sense and understanding of the moon cycles and how this knowledge can be used to help you in your everyday life.

It will concentrate on the following:

  • What is the moon?
  • Moon Phases.
  • Breathing, Relaxation, and Clear Speech to connect with intuitive self.
  • How to use the energy of the different moon phases in everyday situations (for men and women).
  • How to positively respond to others’ moods using a moon cycle chart.

Part II – For those who wish to learn about moon phase personalities and how this information can enhance their inner and outer expression.

Following on from the introductory Moon Cycles workshop, this workshop would particularly benefit healers, astrologers, and other professionals. The workshop will explore the following:

  • Further breathing/relaxation/clear speech techniques, to communicate with the intuitive self.
  • The notion of Moon Phase personalities; i.e. the idea that the moon phase in which an individual is born creates a particular unconscious personality or characteristic tendencies.
  • How an increased understanding of the diverse moon phase personalities can give us greater insight into our innate, self, (not consciously expressed)
  • Also how we can improve our personal and professional relationships, by adopting a more intuitive attitude towards events in our lives

Part III – For all, professional and non-professional, who would like to understand how logic and intuition can work together harmoniously.

The third part of the Moon Cycles Workshop Sessions will explore the following:

  • Further breathing/relaxation/clear speech techniques, to communicate with the intuitive self.
  • Short definition of astronomy and astrology.
  • A brief overview of the astronomical constellations in the sky.
  • Focused discussion of how astrology and the moon cycles can be utilised in daily life to focus and increase awareness /understanding of logic and intuition working harmoniously.

A course brochure (in pdf format) can be downloaded here.

Since the last testimonial I sent, I have to say that the progress made since then has been to say the least remarkable. Claudia has true to her word been always on hand to answer questions and as a result has enhanced my understanding of Moon Cycles greatly indeed. My greatest wish in these volatile and difficult times is that more people can benefit in the same way that I have from Claudia’s workshops. To say they are worth the time effort and money really is an understatement.


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