Rediscover your Voice

Rediscover your Voice

Your voice is as individual as your fingerprints. It is unique to you.

This workshop is aimed at those who would like to rediscover or become more aware of what you can do with it.

It is a gentle fun way to open up, using simple techniques of breathing and relaxation as well as chanting and humming to reveal the fundamental tones and resonances that are unique to you.

Who is this workshop for?

For people who have no formal experience of singing, or who are not confident with using their singing voice.

A course brochure (in pdf format) can be downloaded here


I had a fantastic time on your 1 day course!! Your individual coaching and open-minded approach left me feeling totally energized,and more confident of what I can achieve with my voice. My words to describe you are inspiring, energizing, re-confirming, fun, friendly, supportive, re-connecting, invaluable, thought – provoking, confidence building.

Nrinder Singh.

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