Sing Out!

Sing Out!

Know your pharynx from your larynx! This is a hands-on, out-loud experiential course that gives you grounding in singing theory and works with you to develop your own singing style.

It involves:

  • Voice awareness
  • Correct Breathing Techniques
  • Listening and Hearing Skills
  • Choosing the right song and interpretation of Lyrics.

If you want to work one to one the course is best taken as weekly one or two hour sessions.

For groups we recommend one day or two day workshops.

Who is this workshop for?

For those who have had some experience of singing in groups or solo, and who wish to explore and develop a unique, personal singing style.

A course brochure (in pdf format) can be downloaded here.

I have had the pleasure with working with Claudia. She is empowering, inspiring, educational and uplifting. I have been taking voice lessons from Claudia for 3 years and I have had fast development and seen changes quickly. Claudia breaks it down and keeps things real. I will recommend anyone to Claudia who requires voice coaching, singing, healing or just life advice! Thank you for your time, patience and commitment, you have made an impact on my development.


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