Urgent Urban Retreat!

Urgent Urban Retreat!

Photo courtesy of Trevor Cameron

Imagine a world of complete and utter silence! No mobile phones,¬†television, internet! Time for yourself to think and act slowly, so that your thoughts and decisions are made from a place of emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony…

Urgent Urban Retreat! is a session that will challenge your idea of silence. It is a gentle introduction to maintaining periods of silence in an often deafening world that distracts you from remaining peaceful in stressful situations.

This mini retreat will focus on showing you how and why turning off all verbal communication methods for a short while, can help you reclaim your physical, and emotional- mental clarity.

Using simple breathing, visualisation, and written techniques, your whole idea of language and communication will be tested, and you will be amazed at how relaxed and refreshed you feel after not speaking for a few hours!!

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