What’s On! 2017


2017 is going to be busy! We have a new base in Willesden, North West  London, and some super special talks lined up.


WesternAstrologyFebruary 12th – Western Astrology – Most people have heard of “Sun” or ” Star” signs, but did you know Astrology is an ancient study of how the stars in the heavens affect your basic personality? Western Astrology will give you an elementary understanding of how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in your birth chart influence your inner and outer personalities.

February 26th – Six Types of Love love talk

According to the ancient Greeks there are six types of love expression ranging from the physical to the idealistic.

These different love types are interchangeable during your life.

We will identify the six different ways to love, and what type/s we need to make us happy.

family pg 1March 12th – Family Healing Part I

 The family is our most important, primary, social group. It is the unit where we learn our social norms, values and habits

Family Healing is a discussion about:

Family Roles; family hierarchy; family resentment; and family impact on our subsequent intimate relationships.

March 26th – Family Healing Part II puzzle-210786_640

The second part of the Family Healing talk is about

Family roles; the burdens we subconsciously take on; how we try to “save” our parents.

It will introduce “Family Constellations” an alternative, healing, process that embraces a mind-body- paradigm using traditional concepts from psychiatry, and shamanistic techniques from the Zulu tribe.

May 7th – Beginnings and Endings beginnings

How to prepare for Birth, Death, and other momentous changes in between.

A humorous, thought-provoking discussion, that will change your perception of how to successfully manage life changing events.

Each Talk £30.00 per person including refreshments

Venue Address is

The Reading Room

Ground Floor

Willesden Green Library

95 High Road Willeseden


NW10 2SF

Further info: Claudia 07447 458 167

0208 937 3400 Library number


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