Hi Claudia! Thank you very much for the Wisdom of the Snake talk. You explained a detailed overview of Chinese astrology and really made it accessible to understand. I have a sense of what the Year of the Yin Snake has installed along with some wisdom I can apply in my own life. Much appreciated! I look forward to the next talk, as I HIGHLY recommend it!


Hi Claudia, would like to say how much of a pleasure it was to meet you and Janindra on your visit to Wales last week. Can’t sing your praise enough and would highly recommend you to anyone, you’re an amazing, caring wonderful lady who takes the time to sit and listen, you do not judge people you are there to help when people when they need you most… even if they don’t realise sometimes they do need your help… Hope you both enjoyed your pedicures, would love to get the chance to meet up again and very much hope to see to you again in the near future. Love and hugs to you both xx


Hey Claudia, thanks for today, we all learned a lot! I’ll see you soon xxx


Claudia has helped me to understand where I am today, and where I am going, and that it is all positive! My session with her was safe and loving, and she gave me valuable advice for the next few months, especially for how to protect my energy and set defined boundaries, for which I am very grateful! She is honest, straight talking, and practical. I would recommend her services for anyone, as you are sure to feel understood and uplifted in your session with her!

I hope you have a lovely weekend Claudia, look forward to seeing you soon!


Hi Claudia

Many thanks,
I really enjoyed the session,and just listening to your Cd,
best regards,


Claudia creates a nurturing, nourishing and pure environment for healing in which your heart can sing out its hopes, dreams and desires. It is a truly holistic course, Claudia uses crystals, mantras, spiritual teachings, song and chanting to stabilise and fortify the spirit within you, connecting you to the universe. Claudia sees through your third dimensional survival armour to give you what you really need in your journey through this human experience. I loved the course and look forward to the follow up!


Hi Claudia, after our last meeeting, things have moved reallly quickly… I got offered the national makeup artist role. It’s exciting. I want to personally thank you. I think you are truly amazing miss queen


Thank you Claudia for your warmth amongst many other things xx


Hi Anam,
Just listening to your cd ‘Walk in Beauty’, and wanted to say that it is wonderful – it send me straight into a meditation state. many thanks for that!


Wonderful to meet you today. Amazing session. Love and Light!


I feel the AnamSound experience should be experienced at least once in your lifetime… I found it empowering, fun, positive and refreshing. I was literally buzzing on cloud 10 yes cloud 10 people! Being informed about my astrological sign and listening to the sounds of Medicine River by Brian Lee was amazing!!! A spiritual cleanse and rejuvenating my minds eye allowing my blocked thoughts to flow!

Love what you do Miss Queen and keep doing what you do cause you catwalk the hell out off it…



Anamsound–you’re like a star Claudia shining so brightly on me; and now I see better.


If you want to touch people’s souls when you sing, you visit Claudia. Thanks for your wisdom :)


Hi Claudia! Thanks for organising the workshop on The Ferocious Flow. It was a great gathering, it left me feeling light and allowed me to process the information which you delivered clearly… Much appreicated.


Hi Claudia…thank you for all your insights at today’s workshop covering 2012, chinese astrology and messages from beyond.Much appreciated.


The sound and energy workshop was wonderful! I learnt so much and was so impressed with your intuition. You were right on! Your voice is so amazing and I learnt some very important things that I needed too. The sound-bath was amazing and had such an effect on me I took a while to come back to earth afterwards! Thank you for your energy, kindness and guidance. I’m so happy to have met you xx


Hi Claudia,
In February by some strange event we met, i was in England for the first time and one week had gone by and i was feeling terrible. I was sending out CVs and you had had a problem with your computer and were forced to go to the internet cafe. We sat next to each other and due to a common like (South Africa) we chatted. Words rolled from your mouth and touched and inspired my heart. After an hour or two you knew we were destined to meet again and by the end of the week we had lunch together. Once again your words were so inspiring that by the time i arrived in Portugal everyone that knew me were amazed at the glow i transmitted. Happiness and positive energies were well visible. I stayed a few weeks and due to unfortunate situations i once again began to go under. Calling you helped me to hold on. Im back in England this time for good and yesterday me met. You welcomed me to your home and once again you entered my heart. Calmness you transmitted once again and next week you will be working on me in a different way. I have no doubt that you will help me through this difficult time of mine and more important you will manage to help me find myself. You know me better than i know myself.

Thank you for being who you are and can hardly wait to be with you next week.
Tons of kisses

Thank you Claudia. You always have such warm and inspiring words. xxx


Dearest Claudia I thank you at the bottom of my heart for all the help that you have given me with so much love. I thank my guardian angel everyday for sending you to our path (my family and I) All Your workshops have been so interesting. Communicating with the angels, meditation, sounds. You have taught me how to take control of my life, how to boost my confidence. Your Healing.
I have gone through rough time and you have picked me up . I feel so blessed. You have inspired us so much. A big thank you to Jindra for bringing you to the family. You are loved and appreciated by all my family.I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in need of healing, spiritual guidance and Angel blessing to get in touch with you. God bless


Since the last testimonial I sent, I have to say that the progress made since then has been to say the least remarkable. Claudia has true to her word been always on hand to answer questions and as a result has enhanced my understanding of Moon Cycles greatly indeed. My greatest wish in these volatile and difficult times is that more people can benefit in the same way that I have from Claudia’s workshops. To say they are worth the time effort and money really is an understatement.


Sound is an incredible therapy, ahead of our time and Claudia is a pioneer in this work and totally inspiring. Her sound baths helped me heal the stress of my past, voice work to find my voice and confidence and the moon cycles workshop totally blew me away and helped me find my purpose in this lifetime. Thank you and look forward to more!


I have had the pleasure with working with Claudia. She is empowering, inspiring, educational and uplifting. I have been taking voice lessons from Claudia for 3 years and I have had fast development and seen changes quickly. Claudia breaks it down and keeps things real. I will recommend anyone to Claudia who requires voice coaching, singing, healing or just life advice! Thank you for your time, patience and commitment, you have made an impact on my development.


I truly recommend to anyone in need of healing, spiritual growth, spiritual awareness and enlightenment to simply be open to receive from this earth-angel. I believe she saved my life, ended over three years of semi-parallysis in the space of two hours where reputable doctors could not help! She gave me back my life and much more, allowed me to leap forward in my own spiritual growth, and follow my life’s destiny with so much positive energy, foresight and inspiration. she allowed me to be a daughter, a sister, a friend again, above all to be a wife, and a mum again to my beautiful daugthers. Now I have a deeper appreciation of my life, and I live it in the full beam of divine light. My family and I are truly blessed to have been healed by her angelic touch. She carries so much love energy and I am eternally grateful to god to have sent her my way. I am blessed to share parallel path with her. Claudia you are an angel, an inspiration, a true friend, my soul sister. May you always be blessed, may you always be empowered to share your true gift of healing, guidance, peace and love with all those in need. love you lots.


I was introduced to Anamsound through a friend at a particularly challenging and emotional crossroad in my life where I thought I would never find inner happiness again.

My experiences through my program of healing through Anamsound have taught me how to overcome huge problems with anxiety, self esteem and confidence together with opening the channels of my spiritual understandings to allow me to continue my life with a new strategy of peace, love and compassion.

Through these incredible experiences with Anamsound, I am no longer afraid of situations that would have normally obstructed and paralysed my spiritual and physical being and I embrace and love life with a new attitude and I am constantly changing and evolving.

I am eternally grateful, thank you Anamsound.

Baby Girl.

Worked with Claudia many years ago and it still remains in my mind of how amazing and inspiring she was and the confidence she helped me find again. On my road to fulfilling my dream with my girlband Hicc Ups :) Hopefully will see you soon for a lesson when I’m in London :) XXX Lots of thanks and appreciation


Claudia’s work is amazing! She’s really plugged in and intuitive and just seems to know the right thing to say/do to get people’s own healing process started. I’ve been to her workshops and watched her work on individuals and seen how she helps them through the blocks and on to a more positive future. Really if you have the chance to experience what she does, you should go for it!


Just to let you know that when i left your place last week, I came out feeling there is hope for the future for me. You clarified everything I needed to know. My cousin and I felt so emotional by the whole experience, who was so sceptical before meeting you! You explained and talked through things with patience and love. I have always kept in touch with you since I first met u over three years ago to talk about things when I am feeling doubtful and down. You have always been there for me no matter what time of day. My life seems healed and peaceful. So, I have a lot to thank you for. Friends and families are grateful having met and known you. Thank you so much.


The Workshops I have attended have been such that the material provided has literally developed my understanding IMMEASURABLY. They have literally changed my life. How? By presenting the material in a very simple yet powerful manner demonstrating understanding of very profound,yet practical mechanisms.

A mark of a good teacher is the willingness to answer any questions presented in a clear and concise manner without any sign of being patronising in ANY way at all. A lesson that many people who I have come across would do well to learn . This is a person who has truly “been there, done it and worn the T shirt”. Also they are priced in such a way that the “ordinary Joe or Jane” can access the material. In conclusion I would say Claudia is:-

All things to all men.
Highly accessible to those willing to make the effort to sincerely apply what she is presenting.
Very tolerant.
Very knowledgeable.
Extremely versatile.
Empowering(most important of all!)

This one will truly teach you how to fish.



I love Claudia! And couldn’t possibly recommend her and her courses enough to anyone looking into participating in one. If you do, be ready to have your life changed for the better!


Anamsound has been nothing but love, inspiration and a true friend. She has been my guiding light, angel who comes to remind me of my true nature, that we are souls experiencing a human soul. Anamsound seems to intuitively know what’s right for me and helps me realize that on my own. I always feel lighter, fresher and much centered after talking to Anamsound. I listen to her sound healing audio when I need centering. We all need to be reminded of our true nature. Thank you, Anamsound. You are such a blessing ???


Hello AnamSound. It was wonderful to see you tonight, as always I feel super shiny and ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. Thank you. See you again soon